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Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 06:42:21 -0600
Subject: [Puptcrit]  bunraku/matrix send-up

These are amazing. I wonder if there is anyoneon the list fluent in Japanese who could do a search for a dvd compilation of clips from this show? I would very much appreciate a good video of these clips (and luckily, Japan is an NTSC country)

DAN McGuire
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>> Subject: [Puptcrit] bunraku/matrix send-up
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>> Late answering this, I was on the road.
>> The ping pong clip is from an annual tv show in Japan that features
>> amateurs doing illusion oriented skits. They're business men, students,
>> and families, etc. On 8/16/'03, after the subject first came up here,
>> I posted a more detailed explanation with a bunch of my own dumb
>> comments and  links to more great clips from that show. I'll spare you
>> the dumb comments this time, but geewiz, look at this:
>>   Some are difficult to see, or involve obscure cultural references. 
>> But
>> let me
>> recommend a couple that you'll get a kick out of. Go to:
>> There you'll see a list of clips.
>> #3 (2003-3--31) is the ping pong game.
>> #4 (2003-1-1) shows a lovely bit of naked hand sculpture puppetry.
>> #5 (2002-9-20) shows a schoolgirl walking, then bouncing and shooting a
>> basketball. Wriggling along the floor next to her is a kuroko (black
>> suited people like the ones you see doing Bunraku or moving props
>> around in Kabuki) playing the part of her shadow. It manipulates an
>> objetc that becomes the shadow of the ball. Uncanny. Downright spooky.
>> Enjoy.
>> -G
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