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Dear Steve,

Thanks for the email.Many on the PUPTCRIT list also read the article, there are many mistakes like "Puppeting trade" etc.

Rest is fine.

How are you?What new things are you doing for 2006?Any new projects let me know.I am also writing an article for Puppetry Journal Spring issue regarding my work for Siemens show and other projects.I also did a very good short film for ISKCON(International Society for Krishna Consciousness).It will be shown around the world at all their centres.

Ramdas Padhye,INDIA.

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  I totally understand.  They always mess up the reporting.   I asked because several on the PUPCRIT list saw the article and are asking about it!   I thought you would like to know.   Too bad you are not coming to Vegas so you could visit us.


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    Dear Steve,
    Let me explain.I completed 39 years in this art of ventriloquism and puppetry.So they interviewed me.I was telling them about my visits to U.S. and also about Puppeteers of America.I have made a Marilyn puppet for a ventriloquist(not a well-known one) who will be performing an act with Marilyn at a small casino.I can't tell you his name as he has told me not to tell.So I was telling the press people regarding my various puppet making assignments like the Siemens show, Marilyn puppet etc.
    But you know how press people are, they have misquoted me.Also I will not be going to Vegas.In India I am more popular as a performer.So when I told them that I have made a puppet they assume that I will also be performing.They don't recognise that puppet making and performing are two different jobs.
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