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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 01:41:05 EST
Subject: [Puptcrit] Finding an Agent

In response to this discussion;     

Attend your area's Arts Presenting Organization Convention....the booking 
conferences, and find out how the presenting field works.. don't expect to get 
many or any bookings the first year.   Check out who is performing, showcasing, 
hosting booths, etc.   then you will be able to talk to agents to find out in 
what kinds of venues they specialize and what kinds of artists they represent. 
  There's the Southern Arts Assoiation, Midwest, Northeastern, APAP, Western 
Arts Alliance, etc.   Attending a convention, hosting a booth and showcasing 
is NOT cheap.   Average cost would be several thousand dollars.

Its all in networking, getting to   know people and getting them interested 
in your work.   Are you marketing to schools?   Agents are generally not 
interested.   The per school remuneration is not sufficient.  So called agents are 
not constrained by the 10% rule, by calling themselves "Artist managers" so 
that they can take 20-30% plus other expenses.   Its'a tough field for them too 
as money for theaters has largely dried up.   Young audiences is not a bonafide 
agent....they book schools in their area, but bookings are dependent on how 
well they market, their showcases and how well known you are in the 
area....etc.    Is this helpufl?   I'm telling you How IT Is!!!   

Jim Gamble
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