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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 19:51:51 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] New Hand Puppet and Costume Puppet Characters

Just wanted to share pictures of my newest creations: a full-body red fox 
hand puppet, and a seven-foot-tall stork costume puppet:


Here's a few notes on each character, for those who might be interested:

I built the fox specifically to do stand-up comedy routines, sitting
or standing beside me on a table or stool, though he may end up making 
some stage appearances as well.  He has snap-closable openings on both his 
back and his belly, allowing me to use him in either an upright (standing 
on hind legs) or realistic (standing on all-fours) position.

The stork has a fully articulable beak, operated by a cable control running 
down to my left hand inside the left wing. The beak and legs are made from 
swimsuit nylon, while the body is made from a feathery white fur.  The neck 
is a solid foam core surrounded by a layer of 1" foam (all high-density 
'green' foam), allowing for a lot of controlled swaying of the head.


Kevin Pittman

Professional puppeteer and costume character performer
Specializing in fun, fairy tale style puppet shows, featuring
Personally designed, lovable and lifelike animal characters.

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