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Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 12:21:31 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] My Puppetmaking student's success!

Isn't there supposed to be a puppetry film screening on April 22nd at a 
Newport museum? I looked on the Orange county Museum of art site to no avail.. 
Perhaps it is the Newport Film Festival I am thinking of?

I live in Southern california and would like to attend that.   I am confused 
because I thought it was a posting on this list a few weeks ago so I wrote it 
on my calendar.   Then I was reading a an old Puppetry Journal from last 
spring (2005) and I saw they had one last year on the same date.   So can someone 
tell me if there is going to be another one this year?   Or did I mess up and 
miss it?

Another question:   I have a lot of free time ahead of me and would like to 
start going to puppet shows in Southern California.   I already know about Bob 
Baker Marionettes, and plan to visit that soon.   I'd like to see some shadow 
puppets and bunraku promances, as well as just any theatre troupes performing 
around.   Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm very interested in the more 
"artistic/fine art" type performances than the children's shows.

Oh and here is a bit of shameless self promotion:   I just did the props and 
masks for "The Tempest" at A Noise Within" Theatre in Glendale (17 fantasy 
masks) if any of you are intersted in seeing it.   It runs until the end of May.

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