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Thanks for the royalty comparison, AMrk, but I only do my best with 
techniques that are age old, using modern equivalents or subtitutes.

My monk can be seen on my website.(adress below)

I never used dryer lint for paper mache yet, but am told it has been done by 
a lot of people. I just never found a recipe I felt secure enough to try, so 
I guess this will be another experimental project when I have time.

The unsafe part is that some artists have reported that dryer lint has a 
tendency to have mildew sometimes. GEtting it from commercial laundromats 
(in good shape of maintenance) should help avoid this.

By the way, bleach does not always prevent mildew. My last experiment with 
it produced the biggest amount I've ever seen in a glue recipe. The same 
recipe with white glue added did not develop mold. White glue has been known 
to help prevent mildew.

I've never had any kind of mildew when using pure white glue with clean 

Mathieu René Créaturiste
Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
(514) 274-8027
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> This  sounds like a great idea. Can you give some hints on how to
> transform  mountains of lint into wonderful puppet  creations?
> Stephen
> Mathieu René Créaturiste is the expert in paper mache, he is Royalty in 
> the
> field
> ask him to show you the picture of the monk he did awhile back, a  beauty!
> Regards
> Mark
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