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here's more detail about it.<>
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  Subject: [Puptcrit] Digital Audio Repeater Breakthrough

  Have you seen Gilderfluke's new SD-25?

  Great for puppet shows that need instant sound cues or entire shows  
  played back digitally (instant start and stop).  It's a mulit-button  
  activated, audio repeater the size of a box of matches.  The onboard  
  amplifier can fill a small auditorium.  You load your audio files  
  (MP3 or .wav) onto SD cards that slip right into the unit.

  They are brand new and on sale for $225 at:<>

  If you already use a boom box or amplifier, there's a smaller version  
  for $135 at:<>

  Animal Makers is helping to bring technology to puppetry every day.   
  Visit our Animatronic Accessories area at:<>

  These units can also be used for store casting, music on hold,  
  museums, haunts, safety messaging, and attractions.  Besides buttons,  
  these units will trigger your sound files by motion detectors, sound  
  detectors, foot pads, ir sensors and other types of controllers.

  Sale prices subject to change without notice.

  Animal Makers Inc.
  Artificial Animals, Birds, Reptiles, Fish & Insects
  Created & Performed for the Filmed & Location-based
  Entertainment Industries since 1979
  Creative Director, Jim Boulden
  For pricing and availabilities:<>
  Web Site:<>

  Phone 805-527-6200 | 805-527-6210 [fax]
  Located 25 minutes drive from Hollywood, California
  - 25 Years of providing the finest animal replicas available.
  - Highly trained and experienced artisans and technicians
  - Our works entertain audiences worldwide!

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  Admin interface:<>
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