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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 02:47:33 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] 2$ mold for hal-sphere eyes

Hi all.
Yesterday i went for a chocolate bar (I got two jumbo ones instead) and found a neat-o gadget I can use for making puppet eyes slightly smaller than ping pong balls.

The gadget is called a Super Dome popper!
You probably know the type. Come under many names.
It's a half-sphere made of firm rubber. You flip it reverse, place it on a table, and wait for a few seconds, then it bounces back into shape  and jumps high in the air.
For about 10 seconds. Then the teacher comes and confiscates it. Or a bully does.
It also hurts a little bit when you install it on your forehead to make it pop away. Let me test it to see if I remember that correctly...
I was right, although my forehead must have thickened from many bumpings over the years. There were no tears this time.

Once you have exhausted your fun potential with this...
Then you can use it as a mold!
It would work with lots of casting materials, including but not limited to:
-Paper mache pulp (pack then freeze for an hour or two, then pop out, put frozen pulp in pre-heated oven at 300F, then scoop out excess pulp, then put back in oven to finsh drying the inside.

-paper mache strips (start first two layers with very thin paper, then finish with thicker)
-Cotton balls in fluffy sheets (press a thin layer into mold, flatten with very wet firm brush unbtuil all smooth, finish with a diluted solution of white glue, let dry completely. add paper mache strips to re-enforce. Gives a VERY smooth lightweight finish) 
-plaster of paris
-Concrete, cement, etc...
-Durham's Water Putty

I don't use toxics when I can help it, so i don't know what type (if any) of toxics would work in such rubber molds.

The Poppers I bought came in packs of two. I was careful in opening the packaging, so not only do I have two molds for eyes, I also have an extra mold for a pair of eyes connected together (from the blister package).
That blister pakage is pretty thin, like most of them tend to be, so it probably won't last long. one bump into it and there will be a permanent mark.

The poppers come with a small hole in the exact middle, probably to avoid suction.
Great indicators to know where to palce the pupils!

Oh the marvels of cheap toymaking!

Extra gadget: a few weeks ago, I got measuring spoons made of stainless steel. They are half-spheres also, but with a variety of sizes and with handles. Not flexible though.


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