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Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 21:10:18 +0200
Subject: [Puptcrit] Program Festival Charleville Online !

To all the puppets lovers !

The program of the Festival of Charleville (on paper) was be presented to the press today afternoon.
AND, yet, is online in the website (BUT, only in the ENGLISH version !!!!).
250 shows from 40 countries, a lot of exhibitions, of meetings and "rendez-vous".

Between many other ones, the following companies shall be in Charleville on September:

- Compa=F1ia Jaime Lorca with Gulliver

- Dondoro with Mannji

- Figurentheater Raphael M=FCrle with Cocktails

- Green Ginger with Rust

- Iris Meinhardt with Intimit=E4ten

- Joe Louis Theater with A Traditional Show

- Los Titiriteros de Binéfar with El Hombre Cig=FCe=F1a

- Marc Schnittger with HandWork n=B0 2

- Marionnettes du Bout du Monde with SOS Paix

- Pickled Image with The Chatterbox & The Marvellous Box of Peeps & Delights

- Pseudonymo with Infini/Granny

- PuppetMastaz with PuppetMastaz

- Rod Burnett with The Space Odissey

- Stuffed Puppetwith Vampyr

- Teatro Gioco Vita with L'Oiseau de Feu & Une Topolino aux Mille Milles & Pépé et Etoile

- Teia Moner with Minimal Magic

- The Huber Marionettes with Suspended Animation

- Theater Taptoe with Vole ! (Fly !)

- Tof Theatre with Bistouri

and also:

- Mandalay Marionettes

- Puppets on the Water of Vietnam

- Lejo

- Cenzik Ozek

- Les Sages Fous

- Soma International

- Teatro All'Improvviso

- La Baldufa

- Démons et Merveilles

- I Burattini dei Ferrari

- Flash Marionnettes

- Katta i Sekken

- Thé=E2tre aux Mains Nues

- etc....................

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