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Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 00:10:52 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Call for Puppeteers for Young Ones

   I'm saving this one for whenever I need a god laugh. Puppeteers for 
newborns?!? Sorry, I only do Shakespeare for prenatal and birthing 
babies. Bob Nathanson, are you available for this? Sounds like a tour. 
91 stores in three days.
   Sheesh, I mean no offense to those who do shows for preschools and 
such, but NEWBORNS? On purpose? Yes they'll bring them to your show no 
matter what you say, but really. Newborns? I guess she got it right 
when she said "performing TO young children." There is no way you could 
do a show FOR newborns. You could do stuff for/ to them one on one, 
bright colors, movements, and so on but I just can't get over this. 
Personally I can't think of many a worse gig than this.
   Then again if you just looked at it as paid rehearsals for a parade 
of puppets, it would pay the rent I suppose.

  Does anyone want to perform for this age range? What would you do for 
the newborn to 2 year olds? Somebody give me a viable scenario that 
would convince me that I am wrong about this. I would entertain the 
idea of playing with puppets with this set and maybe even doing a very 
simple little something, but could anyone do a show? A newborn can't 
even focus that far away yet.

  Arrrrrgh, must stop, this is crumbling my brain.

On Jun 10, 2006, at 3:32 AM, Andrew Kim wrote:

> Just forwarding this call I got to the list.  --Andrew Kim
> Begin forwarded message:
> Hello,
> My name is Christine Tjon and I am an associate in the Pottery Barn 
> Kids Brand Marketing team. Pottery Barn Kids is putting together the 
> first 91stores, nationwide in-store puppeteer event starting this 
> November  (11/7-9).
> Currently, I am looking for puppeteers that are interested in 
> performing to young children, ranging from ages newborn to 5 years 
> old.
> If you have artists who are interested in contacting me for 
> information, please have them call me at 415-402-4828 or email me at 
> Company website:
> Thank you.
> Christine Tjon
> Christine Tjon
> Pottery Barn Kids / Brand Marketing
> (415) 402-4828 - Office
> (415) 439-1250 - Fax
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