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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] "Defence, Law & Justice" & Govt/and PBS


We have homeschooled our children as well, as we
contribute to the public school system for those
that cannot and should not take it on themselves,
or cannot afford a private education.  Each of
our kids has grown up in our home and puppet
business and hopefully learning to contribute to
the world.   Ryan just graduated from college
with top honors Summa Cume Laude, and will make a
difference in the world paying his own way and
helping others that cannot.  Not everyone can do
this, so we contribute with our taxes, time,
tithe and extra charity as we can to help others.

Ryan has a business degree but an opportunity to
pursue his music which I have encouraged to do
while he's young and free.  Hopefully he'll be
able to combine them both and pursue the dream
this great country he lives in provides.

The Arts will survive regardless of what the
government does with the funding.   Art is our
heartbeat...our humanity...our God given genius.


  At 10:32 AM 6/13/2006, you wrote:

>Ok, I have to add to this.
>We home school our children(well my wife does the majority of it), and we
>made this decision after lots of research into the pros and cons of each.
> >If the family has neither the <
> > intellectual resources nor the financial resources to educate its
> > children<
> > a9and most families don't)<
>WOW!  So are you saying the public school system did so well, that 9 out of
>10 parents that attended the public school system do not have the smarts to
>teach their own children or make enough money to buy the resources.  I guess
>the public school system has done a great job.   Ok, now lets talk about
>Universities.  Universities compete!  Yep, they compete for students.  In
>public schools your child usually only has one choice or two.  Hmmm.
>So no it is not the interest of the community to educate my children, it is
>mine.  I take responsibility for my children and their behavior and their
>education and prep them for their future.  To give them the skills necessary
>to survive in the global community.
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> > Sandy wrote:
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> >> Education is the responsibility of the family, not the government.
> >
> > I don't quite understand what this means.  If the family has neither the
> > intellectual resources nor the financial resources to educate its children
> > a9and most families don't), isn't it in the interest of the community to
> > help educate them, rather than propagating to the next generation the lack
> > of
> > resources experienced by the family?  And are you also saying that
> > institutions
> > like state universities shouldn't exist?  How about public libraries?
> >
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