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Subject: [Puptcrit] The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival in Dufferin Grove Park

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For those who are or will be in the Toronto area this week (note that Drama of 
Works is coming up here again... huzzah!). I'll be there, but not so square, 
Friday eve, and I'll be bringing a contingent of theatre post-grad students with 

Gretchen et. al.: Barry, Leslie, and myself, all from FOOT 2005, would love you 
catch up with you all apres the fest. Look for us Friday night!

All the best,

Jamie Ashby

PhD Candidate: "Ideas in Motion: New Work Development at Puppetmongers Theatre 
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama,
University of Toronto

Co-founder, PuppUTopiate: the *only* puppet company at the Univ. of Toronto

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 Subject: The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival in Dufferin Grove Park

Hello All-

We are gearing up for the Third Annual Cooking Fire Theatre Festival In 
Dufferin Grove Park, and I think this will be an amazing year, with new 
companies here for the first time and old ones returning. Please come, 
and forward this far and wide to everyone you know.

Hope to see you all there,

Kate Cayley <>

*The Third Annual Cooking Fire Theatre Festival *

*Wednesday, June 14^th – **Sunday, June 18^th , 2006***


We are pleased to announce *the third annual Cooking Fire Theatre 
Festival, a weeklong performance extravaganza celebrating theatre, food 
and public space in **Toronto**'s ** Dufferin** **Grove** ** Park**. 
*From Wednesday, June 14^th through Sunday the 18^th , innovative 
theatre companies from Toronto, Victoria , Halifax and New York City 
will present original work that promises to delight, provoke, and 
inspire. *Each evening, **Toronto**'s Number Eleven Theatre will lead 
the audience from site to site throughout the park to see performances 
ranging from an ancient Japanese folktale to a modern cowboy musical, 
from grand spectacles to intimate puppet pieces. *

* *

*Delicious organic meals will be served to the audience over cooking 
fires and from **Dufferin** ** Grove** **Park**'s two wood-fired outdoor 
community bake ovens.* Building on the success of the last two years, 
this year's Cooking Fire Theatre Festival will offer the experience of 
enchanting and challenging theatre, wonderful food and the beginning of 


*Zuppa Circus Theatre (**Halifax**) /Open Theatre Kitchen: all possible 
futures/ – **6:30 PM** nightly*

In a kitchen in the desert, a couple desires a child so deeply that they 
imagine one into existence. Equal parts human, part onion, mischief and 
mythology, the child transforms and threatens the life they have made. 
Presented by celebrated Halifax company Zuppa Circus, this new piece is 
a generous, wild theatrical feast celebrating a relentless appetite for 
the world. <>


*Drama of Works (**New York City**) /On the Backs of Fishes/ – ** 8 PM** 

Part two of their epic puppet drama /Warrior, On the Backs of Fishes 
/tells the story of Jingo, the warrior empress of Japan, and uses 
marionettes, rod puppets, overhead projections and storytelling./ On the 
Backs of Fishes/ won an award for Original Adaptation at the World 
Festival of Puppet Art in Prague. Drama of Works is an experimental 
puppet company, and company in residence at New York City's HERE Arts 
Centre. <>


*Theatre SKAM (Victoria) /Billy Nothin'/ – **8:30 PM** nightly*

Trapped in a world of leather chaps and cowboy boots, five Wild West 
characters collide, encountering murder, metamorphosis, and mayhem 
alongside a meta-whore who may or may not have the answers to set them 
free. This cowboy musical, presented by the wildly popular BC company, 
is a quintessential Western with more twists than a lasso. 


*Stranger Theatre (**Toronto**) /K/ä/the Kollwitz /– ** 9:45 PM** nightly*

A new piece using marionettes, shadow puppetry and toy theatre, based on 
the life and work of German printmaker and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz, her 
depiction of life in working class Berlin, and her struggles as a 
pacifist in Nazi Germany. 


Performances begin at 6:30 PM every night and dinner is served from 5:30 
PM to 6:30 PM. Dufferin Grove Park is located two blocks south of 
Dufferin and Bloor.


*Admission is pay-what-you-can ($10 suggested contribution).*


/The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival acknowledges the support of the 
//Ontario// Arts Council, the //Toronto// Arts Council, and the 
//Ontario// Trillium Foundation./

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