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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 23:30:45 -0300
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Glove Puppeteers in NY?

Perhaps a good idea would be just to start a workshop teaching people 
interested to make and use glove puppets finishing with a presentation at 
the end. From that group may emerge people who want to continue working 
together. The people I worked with on the Punch project had not made glove 
puppets before . Now each of them has their own Punch cast and booth and the 
oportunity to keep performing....together or on their own. Own final show 
together (6 puppeteers, 6 booths and 60 puppets) was, as one member of the 
public said "demente"....people want us to perform again at the end of 
just an idea. If I was in NY I would enlist.
all the best
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Glove Puppeteers in NY?

> Hello, PuptCrit List!   I hate to take us away from the discussion on PBS,
> government funding of the arts in general, and public education vs.
> homeschooling, but...
> I did have a question regarding glove puppeteers.   I am looking for some 
> in
> the New York City area (I myself am in the Bronx), as well as people who 
> may
> just think they want to TRY glove, or hand, puppetry. The idea is to get 
> some
> shows done, and perhaps even create a troupe or two, as Deborah Hunt 
> recently
> did in Puerto Rico.   (I think Deborah managed to get about half a dozen
> troupes in puppet booths.)
> So I'm looking hard for collaborators... and it's proving hard, hard 
> indeed.
> There was a young lady who had posted to the PoA message board some months
> ago looking for the same thing, and she just posted the same query on 
> Craig's
> List, but she has decided she doesn't have the time to put into doing 
> shows
> after all.   If anyone on the list has any interest in this, a subject 
> I've
> posted at PoA myself, and may have brought up here before... or if you 
> think you
> know someone to whom you might forward this note... please feel free to 
> email me
> offlist.   It would be great to do a script where I could have more than 
> one
> puppet up and moving at once!
> Appreciatively,
> Sean K.
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