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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 21:50:43 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] House subcommittee voted yesterday to sharply

> Let the U.S. government do things like national defense, law, and
> justice, which can't be done by private organizations.  Big
> government has a high price, in more than just cost.

All these things can, and have been, done by the private sector.  
Companies like Blackwater, Custer Battles, etc... are guarding  
Halliburton employees in Irag and making 5-10 times what soldiers are  
making. That is no doubt part of the reason why we're totally kicking  
butt over there.

Companies regularly agree to submit to binding arbitration. Perhaps we  
can turn our court system, starting with the Supreme Court, with all  
those liberal, activist judges, over to private concerns.  The private  
prison industry is a great success story. It is growing by leaps and  
bounds. More people are in jail now, per capita, than any time in our  
history. Just goes to show that when you hand things over to the  
private sector, everybody makes money.

The shining example you neglect to mention is our for-profit medical  
system. Thank god it hasn't gone the route of Europe and all the other  
developed nations. By putting it in the hands of the private sector,  
Americans are fortunate to spend only twice as much as any other  
industrialized country, and are 32nd in life expectancy. This is  
actually a perfect model for government-private sector symbiosis.  
Non-productive citizens, "sick" people, "elderly" people, die quicker  
and make room for viable, useful, money-generating citizens. The  
eskimos, putting granny out on the ice flow, had the right idea, but  
we've perfected it.


For a little perspective, dittohead, take a look.

Note that "arts" isn't a big enough expenditure to make it on the chart.

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