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Does  anyone want to perform for this age range? What would you do for 
the  newborn to 2 year olds? Somebody give me a viable scenario that 
would  convince me that I am wrong about this. I would entertain the 
idea of  playing with puppets with this set and maybe even doing a very 
simple  little something, but could anyone do a show? A newborn can't 
even focus  that far away yet.

I have done shows at daycare centers. I have gone into the "infant  room" 
(ages 6 weeks to 18 months) and sang simple songs with the puppets. The  first 
time i did it I was very taken back by the reaction the puppets received  Even 
some 3 or 4 month olds were laughing and cooing. I'm sure it was to the  music 
and brightly colored puppets that caused the reactions. The daycare was so  
pleased that I included the infants, and went on and on about how the babies  
enjoyed the show. I was only in the room maybe 5 minutes.
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