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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 19:29:43 +1000
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Marketing Puppet Shows

And Vincent van Gogh, whose paintings remain eminently popular, was so 
market-savy that he sold ONE PAINTING in his lifetime......He was so excited 
by the sale that he GAVE the painting to the intending purchaser for 
nothing......He did have the advantage of a generous and supportive 

This whole debate makes me realise just how bad things are in the States, no 
it makes me sick....and sad...... Its like watching the last of the great 
lemmings run into the flames....while the boy king fiddles. Sadly our 
country is intent on staggering after you.
The end of PBS (and our equivalents the ABC and SBS) means the end of 
honesty, the end of accountability in the media, the end of free 
speech.......the end of our freedom.
As to marketable Art....Where is the innovation? where is the risk? the 
exploration? How can art addressing sensative and perhaps unpopular issues 
meet the demands of the Pop market. Art for the popular market isnt art, it 
is decoration, it is frivalous and easily replaced by video's from Tiawan. 
This is why your Symphony/Opera Companies get funded as great institutions 
and not your Puppet companies...because they are happy with commercial 
mediocrity not Art.
And so our great empire...the Empire of the COW crumbles...... Hopefully the 
end will come quickly and mercifully for us eh? Perhaps our allies will 
relieve our suffering with a sudden bullet to the head, like the end of a 
faithful old farm horse. More likely it will be the last act of the deluded 
boy King...the anti-christ incarnate sending us all to be seated at the 
right hand of the long as we are white, wealthy and realise 
that the ten commandments only applied to the "others"....OH! hang on! Thats 
NOT what it says in the bible is it? Im confused............


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