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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 08:08:11 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] "Defence, Law & Justice" & Govt/and PBS

Mark S. Segal wrote:

>Anyone who thinks that education is just a family responsibility spend some 
>time in the inner urban areas....
>Get a different education......
Humpf.  Assumptions.  You assume I've spent no time in an inner city 
school because I think that education is the responsibility of the family?

Education IS the family's responsibility.  One family may choose to 
homeschool.  Another may choose to send their child to private school.  
Another may choose to send their child to a charter school or a 
community school or a virtual academy.  Another may choose to send their 
child to public school.  Most people don't realize they have a 
responsibility to make the choice that best suits their family. 

At one point, teachers were so confident in their expertise that they 
encouraged parents not to be involved.  They could handle everything.  
Now families all assume that the government teachers are the experts and 
families have no need for involvement.  The answer IS family 
involvement.  Once you get the family involved, whether it's 
homeschooling or not, just their taking an active part in the community, 
in their child's education, and in the education of those around them 
will make a difference.

When I do shows at community centers, I generally get families who show 
up.  Those are the people who are involved in the education of their 
children and are giving them opportunities that are available to them.  
Sometimes it's a babysitting thing, granted.  But a lot of times these 
parents are trying to make a difference by being responsible for their 
child's education.

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