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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 09:17:43 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] "Defence, Law & Justice" & Govt/and PBS

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> Most people don't realize they have a
> responsibility to make the choice that best suits their family.

And therein lies the reason our government (which is we, the people) must 
spend money (it's our money, after all) on education.

Yes, parents SHOULD be involed in their children's education, parents SHOULD 
be involved in the community, etc. etc. etc.

But it's a sad FACT that hundreds of thousands -- maybe millions -- of 
parents are NOT involved to the extent we would all wish. And that uninvolvement is 
for a variety of reasons --   single parents who have to work several jobs 
just to provide housing and food for their children; parents who themselves are 
not well educated, and therefore can't hope to educate their own children 
(there's a shocking amount of adult llliteracy in this country); and saddest of all 
-- the parents who just don't care enough.

And to bring this back to the start of this thread -- the funding of PBS -- 
TV is a powerful educational tool. And don't kid yourselves -- children who 
watch TV at all are being educated, they're just not learning what most of us 
would want them to learn.

So to continue my premise that government (it's us, remember) must fund (with 
OUR money) education, I think they should be funding PBS, as a lone, small 
voice in the quagmire of a gazillion for-profit cable TV channels that are 
mostly teaching children to be consumers.

And to bring all of this back to puppetry (!), I also think government should 
be funding some of our art. Art is a legitimate part of a well-rounded 

I'd also like to address the remark made by someone that when government DOES 
fund art, the artist has to create art that's acceptable, just as they would 
for any other patron, or risk losing that patron's funding. I can't say it 
enough... our government -- be it national or local -- is US. WE are the patrons. 
Perhaps the most basic and simple thing we can all do is let our wants be 
know. Write to your local and national representatives. Tell them what you want 
and how you expect them to vote. Ask your friends and family to write as well. 
(And a written letter is more effective than a phone call. Your congress 
person has staff that culls the information from letters you write and reports it 
to his/her boss.)

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