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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 08:50:42 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] "Defence, Law & Justice" & Govt/and PBS

On Jun 14, 2006, at 7:08 AM, Sandy Barton wrote:

> Education IS the family's responsibility.  One family may choose to
> homeschool.  Another may choose to send their child to private school.
> Another may choose to send their child to a charter school or a
> community school or a virtual academy.  Another may choose to send 
> their
> child to public school.  Most people don't realize they have a
> responsibility to make the choice that best suits their family.
What planet do you live on? Almost 20% of the children in the USA live 
under the poverty line. Just how many choices do you think those 
parents have?

Of course a child's education is the parent's responsibility. As if 
Progressives and Liberals and anyone who disagrees with you wants to 
absolve themselves of parental responsibility. That's an insult. In 
fact, we want to take on MORE responsibility. We believe that, along 
with our individual responsibilities we have collective 
responsibilities, as Americans, to support public education, so that 
the least among us, those with few "choices", have some chance of 
improving their situation. And we're not bleeding hearts - public 
education, as a practical matter, is a good idea. Last I checked, the 
USA was the sole superpower on earth, a fact due in no small part to a 
semblance of equal opportunity in education, which has allowed 
immigrants and the grandchildren of slaves the chance to better 
themselves and improve their lot.

Despite the acts of altruism you and some of the members of your family 
have demonstrated in cases you mentioned, they are a drop in the bucket 
compared to what instruments of government can achieve, assuming you 
have a competent administration.

Want to know what it is like to live in a country where public 
education is non-existent or underfunded? Where it is all left to the 
private sector and religious bodies? Indonesia, Pakistan, Argentina, 
Bolivia - just about any 3rd world, 2-tiered society where a couple of 
rich families control most of the wealth in the country.

That scenario, which is the natural extension of the philosophy you 
espouse, has great sympathy in the current administration; Karl Rove 
points to the McKinley administration as the model to which he aspires 
- that was the period in American history known as "the Guided Age".


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