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Education IS a family responsibility but then how do we teach our children 
BEYOND what we know? If our own education was limited (you assume that most 
people completed at least 10 years of schooling) how do we provide our 
children the opportunity to develop beyond what we have? Your model is a 
very comfortable Bourgoisie proposal for ensuring the serfs remain serfs and 
the land owners remain unthreatened. No? And how about Social Education? 
School is about a lot more than teaching sums and spelling. Through Home 
Education my children would only know my social peers, our eratic lifestyle, 
hold only my values and develop a stunted ability to interact socially...I 
have seen this over and over with home education. And in this sad world 
there are those who take advantage of home schooling, an example coming to 
light recently where a father decided to home school his two young sons...I 
neednt go any further.
The U.S is another great example of home schooling...I am constantly 
flabbergasted at the ignorance that nation shows of the larger world, 
outstanding! They cant even play baseball with the rest of the world, 
preferring to have their own "world" championship with only America playing. 
(FYI Japan beat Cuba and the US didnt make the preliminary finals) And how 
often do I get offers of black market medication from the US that is TEN 
TIMES what we pay over the counter for the same drugs (Low income earners 
pay a MAXIMUM of $2.25 US for ANY medication)
Of course the quality of a school based education is greatly affected by the 
competence of the teachers but if the government insists on paying peanuts 
we are going to get monkeys! As the tee-shirt says "when the military has to 
have a cake stall to buy a new fighter plane then perhaps we will have an 
education system to be proud of".


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