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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 21:53:48 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] "Defence, Law & Justice" & Govt/and PBS

1. where we play is on topic.....schools are a venue........
2) the quality of that venue (and what causes that quality) is on topic
3) how we deal with that given quality to be able to be more affective in 
performance is on topic...that is in part aided by understanding or 
discussing differing points of views.....
Um, Sandy I never assumed anything......mainly because I am very aware of 
the broken down there anyone who doesn't understand that?
ass    u     me   .

In the inner cities with some families being children having children of 
children who had them I think the "family" may need to be educated as to 
what responsibility is before they have to become responsible. But of course 
there are a few minor problems that have to be dealt with first....Geez I 
was asked about the possibility of doing a gun safety show for 4 year olds 
the other day....

It is not easy there.....

There was a great global warming commercial called the Train....I think it 
can apply to any of these discussions that are going on now that we are 
having.... A guy is talking about how global warming won't affect him as the 
train is speeding toward him...Won't affect him then he moves and a kid is 
standing on the track....

This is communication of an idea                -                that is on 

You know can't figure out why some people would hold on to um destructive 
ideas that ....
well don't want to be political....but why wouldn't the lowest approval 
ratings affect a staunch support
and then it struck me...This is the Emporer's New Clothes......that makes it 
topical cause gee Fairy Tales are a great resource, no???
Why else would anybody support the unsupportable???? So where is the child 
to call out enough?
When will those who are professing and supporting a head long drive to a 
lesser nation status wake up and say gee I made a mistake?????Where is their 
child to say he is naked????

It is on Topic because it is a point of view that has a recognized medium to 
help give it expression.

Mark S. 

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