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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 10:24:39 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] lighting questions for shadow puppetry

This may well NOT be what you are looking for, but
back in college we has a simpler solution that may
work for some. We had the projectors side by side, and
just used a piece of cardboard to cover the projector
we were not using. Problem was it had to be held off
the glass plate so that you could do your preset for
the next set-up, and that meant one person was
dedicated to that job. The sides of the cardboard were
jagged, so it fuzzed out to a nice sort of cross-fade
between projectors, and both of them stayed on the
whole time, so no re-wiring was necessary.
I am sure a track could be built to hold the
cross-fader, allowing it to slide back and forth,
covering one machine and then the other, or maybe it
could be up top after the beam passed through the
Food for thought.


--- Daniel McGuire <> wrote:

> Folks,
> I am trying to rig up two overhead projectors for
> shadow puppetry. The 
> idea is that a single dimmer would control the light
> for two overheads 
> - as you slide the dimmer, you would raise the light
> on one projector, 
> and darken the projector on the other side, so that
> you'd essentially 
> get a dissolve from one overhead to another,
> tag-team style.
> One problem is that I will need to rewire the
> overheads so that the 
> internal fans are plugged in to a separate source,
> so that they are 
> always cooling, even when the light is not on.
> I assume that dimming halogen bulbs will lower their
> life expectancy. I 
> wonder if there might be anything else I should
> worry about. Would a 
> standard dimmer burn up from the electric load?
> Another question involves halogen lights. I would
> use these also for 
> shadow puppetry, apart from the overheads. Larry
> Reed tells me that 
> different halogens have different focus lengths - so
> that you can, for 
> example, hold a shadow puppet 3 feet from some bulbs
> and project a 
> sharp shadow on a screen. Different bulbs have a
> different fixed "focal 
> length". Can anyone expand on this and recommend
> bulbs? I understand 
> that you cannot use bulbs that have reflecting
> material, which scatters 
> the light. I am also aware that there are halogen
> car headlights that 
> might do the job. Suggestions?
> Thanks for the help. This list compensates for lack
> of institutional 
> memory.
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