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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:41:44 -0700
To: "puptcrit" <>
Subject: [Puptcrit] Inflatable puppets and staging

I have long wanted to play with inflatable puppets
as an aerial puppet show, and am curious, too, about
anyone producing work on this scale.

The puppets could be illuminated for night show,
incorporate shadow play, etc.

"Air" as a building material is a great way of
going very large scale.  An inflatable puppet could
easily be the contender for the world's largest puppet.
This topic came up on puptcrit about a year ago...
figures were bandied about like '60 foot head'
and '200 foot body'...

still wondering how large a puppet is humanly possible
(on earth, not in space) and what size of crew is needed to
effectively operate an upside-down marionette as a kind
of escalated bunraku?  Could a 100-person crew be 
choreographed to manipulate body movements?  In my case, 
I've made parade figures so heavy that 30 people are 
REQUIRED to carry them, which has its own kind of charm.
Was blown away by the Royal DeLuxe act, of course.
But I'm talking about LIGHT stuff now.

The Diva of West Coast inflatables, Evelyn Roth,
began her nylon experiments in the '70's; she has
since located to Australia - have a look at her
"Nylon Zoo" for interactive staging environments
beyond the level of 'oogly boogly':

for staging, have a look at this (seriously):

Dan Vie
Vancouver BC

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