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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 20:02:36 +1000
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Inflatable puppets and staging and other stuff

Yeah Id love to have a play with giant inflatable puppets too, just haven't 
had the time or an excuse..Have used smaller scale inflatables from time to 
time..A useful resource is the Inflatable Cook Book...out of print and rare 
but they come up. Fisher and Park have done some work with large inflatable 
puppets as well as inflatable venues. Submarine was one of their earliest 
creations (Late 60's early 70's?) in which the cast was placed inside a 
large clear plastic tube on the back of a parade truck and began splashing 
paint around.....
We are looking at replacing the tri truss / scaffolding of our 3 metre by 6 
metre shadow/projection screen with an inflatable one but the air pressure 
for an unsupported 8 metre span may be too much.
One of my favorite methodes is a large frame made of rattan, bamboo and 
extruded fibreglass rod covered with tissue paper laminated with latex glue 
(aquahdere) and lit from the inside..... classic stuff.. Saw a HUGE Dragon 
built by Jilly Jackson, about 10 metres long that could be lifted by 8 
people built this way, operated by about 15 people if I remember, wings and 
Talking of Shadow/projection screens has any one had any dealings with the 
new ephemeral screens? Like the old inert gas/ hazer screens but impervious 
to the wind? The promo I saw had a young woman bursting through the screen 
and the projected image and there was no distortion at all (and aparently it 
wasnt touched up) Imagine a giant shadow or projected puppet show where a 
large puppet leaps from the screen!!!

You shouldnt have too many dramas dimming Quartz Halogen bulbs and they 
should last just as long as any other (Most theatre instrument bulbs are QH, 
gradual warm ups before the show will preserve them and interestingly enough 
this is where the term "Warmers" came from in theatres, they weren't on to 
show off the lovely curtains but to warm the bulbs up...I had some one spec. 
some "warmers" for a show once). Rewiring the fans is very simple    (but 
you will use a licensed electrician wont you boys and girls ;-) ) The watts 
wont be a problem less than about 150W if using a domestic dimmer each or 
2500 watts if using a professional dimmer such as the Jands 4 pak (great if 
3 phase isnt available)
The focal plane of a Quartz Halogen refers to those imbedded in a 
reflector/lens can get W for wide, M for Medium and L for 
Long. Out of interest you could try a "policemans" torch cant think of the 
commercial name for them and just cant find mine right now, they are 
aluminium bodied, quite long but have a QH bulb AND a focusable lens...used 
a lot by techs as well.
Anyway its all good stuff to mention at a party.


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