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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 10:44:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] lighting questions for shadow puppetry

Exactly what I was saying, except he wanted to keep the fans running in 
the projectors so it is a bit more complicated of a set up. But now 
that I think of that, he could rewire the projector so that there was a 
separate wire, switch and plug for the fan than for the switch (two 
wires and two switches on each projector). Then he could plug the light 
wire into the dimmer (or in this case dual dimmers for the cross fade 
set up) and plug the separate fan wire into a undimmed outlet.
Also, since the projector tends to pull more juice he will need a 
higher rated dimmer than most household dimmers are rated for.


On Jun 15, 2006, at 7:53 PM, Kurt and Kathy Hunter wrote:

> For a very simple one handed cross fade, I've just mounted two 
> household
> slide type dimmers into one box with the slides working in opposide
> directions.  Moving the two slides together in the same direction 
> (with one
> hand) fades one down and the other up.
> Kurt
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>>    Not sure about a dimmer for the light, but it should be possible
>> since most OP have a switch for light and fan and fan only. I THINK 
>> you
>> could just interrupt the supply wires to the light after the switch 
>> and
>> add your dimmers in there. That would not give you a one handed cross
>> fade, but I don't think you will get that with a simple set up anyway.
>> If you are good with wiring you could put an additional switch on each
>> projector that sent the power to the light in one position and to a
>> separate dimmer then to the light in the other position. You could 
>> then
>> make a dimmer box where the dimmers could be mounted side by side, one
>> upside down from the other (assuming you use slide rather than dial
>> dimmers). That would give you the on in the up position for one and 
>> the
>> off in the up position for the other. Then when you slid both from up
>> to down, or vise versa, you would fade one down and the other up. Does
>> that make sense? It is a bit complicated and I hope you understand the
>> idea of the wires that would be needed to add the projector lamps to
>> the dimmers.

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