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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:30:16 -0400
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Custom Gloves

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Otherwise, we might have to learn how to make our own custom gloves.
I've been dreaming of a system that would have us dip our hands in some safe
plastic, and that "skin" would dry on the hands in a minute.It would be
strong and durable, but removeable.

I've been thinking of trying to locate "painter's glove" again, a liquid
cream that is supposed to protect the hands against lots of harmful
Although today i think there might be a risk of contaminating the clay

Hi, Mathieu:

Avon makes a cream they call "Silicone Glove"  that's supposed to protect against mild irritants while moisturizing your hands.  I really think what it does it make it easier to wash crud off your hands.  My husband used to use it before working on his car.  Not exactly a custom glove, I know, but might be useful if you're working with something that's only mildly irritating.

My two cents,
Brid in Toledo

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