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I was visiting friends in Idaho and they had a really good two page picture
article about the girl and the elephant in Life Magazine, which is
appparently the Parade Magazine of Idaho.

Richard B. Johnson, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Actor, Director,
Puppeteer, Playwright, Teacher,Writer, Thingmaker, Mormon, Person, Fool.  I
sometimes think that the last persona is the most important- and most

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> I just watched a 30foot tall puppet girl beautifully manipulated and 
> fifty foot tall elephant roaming the streets of London. all bt French 
> company Royal De Luxe. Goes to show effective government subsidy of 
> the arts.
> Dear Dan,

Thanks for directing us to this website...the photos (which were taken in 
Paris) are incredible.   Is this a traveling show?   The puppets and
structures look massive, but not inflatable.   From where did this company 
come?   Where else could one see them?   It would be worth a trip to Europe.

Thanks agian...I'm very impressed.   Jim Gamble

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