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Thank you Steve, Bill & Kathleen for your suggestions on this topic.

Steve, I was wondering what kind (brand) of glue you would suggest for using
with the fur. I do use an airbrush for other puppet details, but I've never
attempted to use it for glue, so please help me avoid ruining my airbrush.
*grin*  Do you cover the entire fur to get an all over effect, or are random
spots all that is needed?

I love your idea for the tooth "root"! I've never thought of that. I
purchased a small amount of sculpey and I'm hoping that will work. I don't
know what cast or resin is, but I'm pretty sure that I haven't used it
before.  =(

I really appreciate the details because I don't have much time for
experimenting, I'm finishing this character to bring with me to the
VentHaven Convention. I'll see you there again this year Steve!  =)


PS: Just thought of another question. In the future, would you treat the fur
before or after sewing and assembling the puppet? This one is already
assembled, and I can't imagine that the glue would be good for the sewing
needle to punch through on my machine, but I'd like to know for future

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Some ideas....

You can use acrylic white glue on fur either to
keep it messed up, or keep it controlled.  We airbrush it on then comb it.

Teeth can be sculptured in clay, 1 piece molded
and cast in resin, or inject hot glue into the
plaster mold.  Either way leave a bulge above the
tooth which would be above the mold.  Then
instead of just gluing the tooth onto the
surface, cut a hole in the mouth plate and feed
the tooth down from inside the puppet.  The bulge
can be glued inside the head and the tooth will never come out.

Use a yellowish colored hot glue for monster
teeth and if you sculpt ridges in the teeth you
can apply brown paint on the tooth and then wipe
it off the relief areas.  The paint will show up the ridges.

Hope it helps.


/19/2006, Puppet Planet wrote:

>My name is Michele and this is my first post, however, I've been
>for a little while. I've got a couple questions regarding two different
>In the past I have heard builders mention that they treat the fur of their
>puppets themselves. Specifically, the monster style characters made
>primarily of shaggy fur fabric. Photos of the work their describing imply
>me that an otherwise neat and smooth body of fur is treated to make it look
>messy and matted. I was wondering if anyone could help me with thoughts on
>how this is accomplished?
>My other question is related to making teeth for my puppets. I have used
>foamies in the past and that works well for some characters. Sometimes I
>like to use Model Magic for large teeth with more detail, but I am having
>difficulty with getting the model magic to stick (and stay). I have tried
>hot glue and a permanent adhesive called Fabri-Tac to apply the tooth/teeth
>to the fabric inside my puppets mouth. Hot Glue.... forget it, those teeth
>came flying out! The Fabri-Tac worked a little longer, but still did not
>have the adhering effect that I would have liked. Specifically, neither
>of glue bonded well to the surface of the model magic. Any ideas? Would it
>be best to use some other type of modeling clay or material to mold my
>teeth, or am I using the wrong kind of glue?
>Thank you for your suggestions,
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