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I also do many portrait puppets as gifts, or of comedians as part of their
act.... but I don't think I've ever done one of a celebrity. I always
thought that was some sort of copyright issue? Isn't it... to make a puppet
in the likeness of a celebrity or character on TV and then sell it? Just
wondering, not trying to make waves.  =)


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I have done a ton (well a bunch) of puppets based on science fiction
shows including Dr. Who and Far Scape.
David Carradine has a puppet of him as Kane that I made him.
Neil Gaiman asked me to make one of him which I have pictures of the
two of them together somewhere
Peter Davison (Dr. Who #5) has the puppet I made of his character in
Doctor Who) as does Sylvester McCoy (Dr. #7)
Doug Bradley has a Pinhead I made based on his Hellraiser character
I did a couple of Babylon 5 and Star Trek as well.
I have starting doing puppets for parents of their kids that they
either keep or give to the grandparents as a present.

Kathleen O. David
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