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Hi Alan and all
There are sooo many
Frank Paris- Carmen Miranda
How many others of her?
 I think it was sort of a requirement to have a Carmen Miranda marionete in 
the 40s!!!

Rufus and Margo Rose- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

page 59 of Muppets and Men, a Jim Henson portrait

I think Larry Engler did a jazz show Bessie Smith and Billy Holliday

The 1980 touring exhhibt- were there FDR puppets by Lou Buinn? Alfred 

I  just saw Stephen Kaplins exhibit
There were two exquisite marionettes owned by Marty Robinson. The puppets 
were self portaits of the puppeteers Frank and Elizabeth Haines.

Does it have to American? Waldo Lanchester -George Bernard Shaw
Spitting Imgae puppet -tons of them


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Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppetry Journal/celebrity puppet portraits

> How many puptcritters have made or used puppet portraits of people
> considered celebrities?
> I need photos and background information.
> My preliminary list based on memory includes the following who made celeb
> puppets:
> Tatterman Marionettes (1930s) Myrna Loy marionette (currently on display
> at Great Arizona Puppet Theater)
> Steve Hansen hand puppet of Richard Nixon
> Lillian Faulkner--various vodvil stars n miniature (1920s/30s)
> Lillian Owen- Greenwich Village Follies (on Broadway) 1920s portrait
> marionettes of Maurice Chevalier, Harry Lauder & others
> Tony Urbano: various stage & screen stars (many used in Hollywood at
> Universal Studio Tour Show years ago) including Edith Piaf, Bob Hope,
> Phyliss Diller)
> Mantell Manikins (1930s, maybe earlier) Jimmy Durante marionette
> Yale Puppeteers (Harry Burnett) Franklin Roosevelt, Helen Hayes, Garbo,
> Marie Dressler, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Ramon Navarro, Aimee Semple
> MacPherson (the vanishing evangelist), Albert Einstein (who was photo'd
> wih his puppet, as was Helen Hayes with hers), Gary Cooper etc.
> Krofft Puppets: Jayne Mansfield, Brigit Bardot, Jackie Gleason and many
> others
> Scott Land-Michael Jackson
> Phillip Huber--Liza Minelli
> Bil Baird- a host of celebs, including FDR and Ed Sullivan.
> The use of portrait puppets is widespread. Should YOU be added to this
> list? Do you know of other puppeteers who should be added?
> Also, have any of  you made self-portrait puppets? Frank Paris did a hand
> puppet version of himself which he could operate while seated (following
> an accident in NYC which temporarily ended his working marionettes).
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