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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 12:59:04 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Insulting Amerikanas

Far be it from me to leave Mary's proverbial worms in the can.
Dear Daniel,
I am terribly sorry that I mistook your personal attack on me as general
stereotyping and prejudice.  Apparently, your ascerbic wit was incapable
of recognizing the acerbic wit of my first post.  I went on in my second
post to clarify the original statement.  I have found that when someone
introduces himself by mentioning a number of terms that they consider to
be common nomenclature that I do not recognize, it does not hurt to
inquire as to what they mean.  I don't believe his terms are commonly
used, at least in this country, as demonstrated by the current
discussion on the exact meaning of neopuppetry.
Many of us Amerikanas, rather than being "bigoted, boarish (perhaps you
meant boorish) and ill educated", have toured, performed, and studied
puppetry abroad, including myself.  In my travels, I have met, worked
with, and studied beside many Australian puppeteers (including Peter
Wilson). I have generally found them friendly, open, and intelligent
though I know it is dangerous to characterize an entire people by their
national origin, as evidenced by yourself.
Whew, I knew I'd use that thesaurus someday. (More wit, Daniel.) 
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Sorry Michele,
I didnt mean to offend you...although I dont know how you could of got
Blacklight from Neo.... It was actually the comments by Preston Foerder
that my remarks were aimed at. It may be that my ascerbic wit that gets
me into trouble but you've got to admit that the overbearing American
presence on this list does present as bigoted, boarish and ill
educated... a gross generalisation I know but......... Probable a
significant reason that there are few international members on this
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