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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:05:05 -0400
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Animal Farm at Mum

Philadelphia, PA--The Philadelphia Theatre Initiative (PTI) today announced
that Mum Puppettheatre has been awarded $80,000 to create and produce an
adaptation of George Orwell=B9s Animal Farm using an ensemble of five artists
under the guidance of Artistic Director Robert Smythe and Playwright Andrew
Periale.  Over two years, through specific training, intense workshop
periods, and public presentations, this group will develop a physical
vocabulary of masks, puppetry, and space unique to this ensemble and
project. The project will culminate in a fully realized world premiere
during the spring of Election Year 2008.

The grant is for a two year development period and will provide the
resources required to stimulate artistic development and to create theatre
of the highest standards.  With this grant, the program seeks to enhance the
cultural life of the community and to further establish Philadelphia as one
of the country=B9s leading theatre centers.

 =B3We are proud to support such original and ambitious work for the benefit
of Philadelphia-area theatre audiences,=B2 said Marian A. Godfrey, director of
Culture and Civic Initiatives at The Pew Charitable Trusts.  =B3This
innovative project helps expand the range of high quality theatrical
programming available to the local arts community while contributing
exemplary work to the national theatre field as well.=B2
=B3PTI grants are awarded on a highly competitive basis following a thorough
review of proposed projects,=B2 said Fran Kumin, director of the Philadelphia
Theatre Initiative. The grants are determined by a diverse panel of theatre
professionals selected for their expertise and their breadth of knowledge in
the nonprofit professional theatre.  In addition to studying the
applications, throughout the theatre season, these busy theatre
professionals come to Philadelphia to review performances, meet with local
theatre leaders and become familiar with the theatre community.

In making decisions, panelists considered several criteria including the
importance, complexity and originality of the proposed project and the
degree to which it signals artistic advancement for the applicant; the
completeness and clarity of the application; the quality of the artists
involved and the historic quality of the applicant=B9s work as evaluated
throughout the season.  Projects also were considered for their ability to
have a significant impact on the applicant=B9s artistic development, on the
audience served and on the field of theatre both regionally and nationally.


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