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Probable find that Dental Cement is a different substance that is placed 
into the mould made from Silpression or more commonly used to fill holes in 
your teeth. Probable find that it is a polimer as well now (used to be a 
ceramic?) and not so useful for Papier Mache.
Curiously enough I once did the art direction on a French masked production 
of Eva my french isn't very good and I didnt read the book, just 
discussions with the director I actually had a very different story in my 
head till I finally read the script. I often think I should write a play 
based on my version of Eva Luna....


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Thanks for sharing that!

I once read a novel by Isabelle Allende, called Eva Luna. The main character
learns how to make a porcelain-like, quick setting paper mache-type
compound, and the recipe calls for "dental cement". The term is rather
imprecise, so I have not beenable to find it.

But your sillastic might be a name for it!

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