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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 10:38:32 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] World Festival of Puppet Art in Prague

> I just came from World Festival of Puppet Art, Prague.I presented the 150 
> Years Old Puppets of Pioneer Indian Dramatist Vishnudas Bhave.I won a 
> Special Jury Award for the traditional performance.

Dear Ramdas,

I'm glad you had a successful time in Prague.  I performed in that festival 
in 2000 and found it to be a frustrating experience.  Don't think I'm 
suffering from a case of sour grapes but consider this:

Despite a lot of information sent on my part about my production, it was 
listed offhandedly in the festival program as "A typical American show." 
Whatever that is.

A performer from Sweden who showed his work on day one cried to the festival 
director, "How will the judges remember my performance at the end of the 
week.  How can I go home without an award?"  He got an award.

It was widely publicized that the Chinese Embassy gave financial support to 
the festival.  A Chinese troupe was given an award.

A very successful Austrian troupe complained vociferously about a perceived 
lack of quality in some of the performances.  I too felt that the festival 
director was interested in bragging about where participants came from 
rather than the quality of their shows.  The Austrians got an award.

The festival director was given a special award in a made-up catagory at the 
end of the festival.

Me?  Well, I was so happy to be there, whenever I was asked how things were 
going I replied, "fine."  Perhaps I should have complained.

Don't get me wrong.  There were many fine inspiring performances.  But 
politics, politics, politics...

Robert Rogers

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