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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 16:44:06 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Seeing Pro puppets up close

>saw it in Philly...a while back......
I didn't understand why I really didn't care for it cause the "artistry" was
truly amazing....Really really wanted to like it.....
> Mark

Somtimes it depends on what we have already seen.
I know some people who need the Absolute best to be impressed at all.
They've seen too much, I guess, so they became kind of immuned to 
simplicity, or get distracted by the "defects" of the shows.
The most affected by this is the Artistic Director for a puppet company I 
know. Coming out of a show at a puppet festival, I asked him how he found 
the show, and he answered: "total waste of time".
I beg to differ. The show was beautiful visually, at least intriguing 
story-wise, it had potential (an in-progress) but oh boy was it slow-paced. 
It is the only puppet show during which I fell asleep(for a few minutes) ! 
And it happened Twice! I never thought I could fall asleep in front of a 
And one that moves so well as that one did!
I also think we had High expectations, from the reputation of the big U.S. 
company. High expectations bring on disapointement a lot of times!

It happens to me sometimes (but rarely) , for shows of types I've seen 
before, and I am annoyed by that. I wish I could turn off my brain 
sometimes, just to enjoy a piece of work for what it is. But no, in these 
rare cases my technical side makes mental comments about how they should do 
this or that, and gets angry even, because some things should be obvious and 
they did nothing to fix them. Instead, in these cases, all I can do is to 
learn what I can from the thing I am witnessing, if only to learn what "not 
to do".

An actress friend of mine just came to see the latest Commedia dell'Arte 
show I made the masks for. She loved the entire visuals, but the story 
annoyed her so much that she left after the first part of the show.
She gave me her comments, and what she says makes a lot of sense--if you 
take it to te extremes. After all, it is a Commedia show, and could be 
enjoyable for the sheer fun of it, without analysing everything.
But when we are aiming for quality, the stotry line and delivery are of the 
utmost importance, and my friend understands it so well that sometimes she 
cannot enjoy a simpler show.

I guess the price of knowing and having seen more is to lose some of our 
ability to be impressed?


Mathieu René Créaturiste
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