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Ana Sofia,  you did not imagine it
The series consisted of 6 one hour programs. It was released in 1985 but as 
I far as I know it was never broadcast in the US
6 Countries were represented.
Russia-Serge Obrazstov; Germany-Albrecht Roser; Austrailia-Richard Bradshaw; 
France-Phillipe Genty;
Netherlands-Henk Boerwinkel (Figuren Triangle) and USA-Bruce Schwartz

Each  episode had segments of Jim Henson talking with the artist, backstage 
sequences and performance sequences.

I am not sure which one would have "the string puppet clown dancing with the 
rose" There are memorable parts in each program. Making this series was an 
immense contribution-documenting puppet artistry at the very highest level 
of accomplishment.

The PofA AV Library has most of them if not all of them. Members of PofA may 
borrow from the PofA Library. To join  visit


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> Thank you so much, Sean K.!
> I'll keep searching!
> Ana Sofia, Ptg
>>Ana Sofia,
>>I have only seen a few of the episodes myself-- possibly when they were
>>produced in the early 1980s!   But I believe you can find the series, or
>>of the episodes, at either the Puppetry Store or the Puppeteers of
>>AV Library, which is run by Mr Gary Busk.   To access either resource, go
>>To borrow anything from the AV Library, one must be a member of the
>>Puppeteers of America.   The PoA can sell videos through the Puppetry
>>Store, however.
>>Sean K. in NY
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