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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 18:38:57 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Help!

Steve, I never saw the Albrecht Roser episode, but "the string puppet clown 
who danced with a rose" sounds like it could have been Albrecht Roser's Gustav. 

I think the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, has a display which 
shows at least snippets from the series as well.   I recall seeing a bit of 
the Richard Bradshaw shadow puppet episode at the Center a very few years ago.  

Coincidentally, I requested the loan of an episode of the series from the PoA 
AV Library not three days ago myself!   

Sean K.

In a message dated 6/25/06 6:18:05 PM, writes:

> Ana Sofia,=A0 you did not imagine it
> The series consisted of 6 one hour programs. It was released in 1985 but as
> I far as I know it was never broadcast in the US
> 6 Countries were represented.
> Russia-Serge Obrazstov; Germany-Albrecht Roser; Austrailia-Richard Bradshaw;
> France-Phillipe Genty;
> Netherlands-Henk Boerwinkel (Figuren Triangle) and USA-Bruce Schwartz
> Each=A0 episode had segments of Jim Henson talking with the artist, backstage
> sequences and performance sequences.

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