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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 20:33:10 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] WANTED: More PUPPETBUILDING  INFOS online!

This is about finding ways to share information on our profession better.
I am aiming at puppet building info, specifically, so puppet pictures are just as appreciated, since we can deduct from them often.

The Net is an awesome resource which we underuse.
I know lots of us cannot travel, or do so very rarely.
So seeing pro puppets up close is a rare occasion, especially puppets from abroad. Why not use the Web as a portal to show what can be done, and raise the level of puppetbuilding everywhere?

I've seen badly made puppets a lot these past few years, in my area.
Some of those are considered pro puppets, simply because the look good, and were/are used in a pro puppet show.  In reality, when looked at up close, one can see and feel the fragility, the upcoming problem one will have to face later.
Better building info would help some people build better!
I'll be the first to admit that my methods are slightly above arts and craft.
Classical makers would laugh at my attempts at making a puppet joint, or at how much time I spend experimenting before actually assembling a working puppet.
So any visual help can help, tremendously!
Fortunately, I do giant leaps with the giant efforts that are required. 

The worse I've seen and tried (giant puppets from 3 feet and up) were dangerous to work with, as they are too heavy and bad for the entire body of the puppeteer or puppeteers. Some builders and companies just don't care to listen to the justified comments and complaints from the puppeteers. Most puppeteers are just as bad, they risk their health by continuing to work in such conditions.
Better info and better education about the risks should be available online!

As has been mentionned before, puppet exhibits are VERY rare, and ephemeral, so why not make them available, at least a poor impression of them, on the web, as a photogallery?

Why not publish puppet plans more often, and maybe even make a depository where peple can find them?

Of course, there are some copyright issues, but not all puppet building ideas can be copyrighted.

I'm sure some simplified drawings and even photos of finished macanics could help a lot of builders to learn new ways and solutions that will save them from spending twenty years on a solution that's already out there.

I wish there were short video clips showing puppet joints of various types in action.

I think it is high time our profession catches up on technology and uses it for more than what I see on average (warning, generalisation was needed, please no flame wars...).  

I think it is a shame that the most easy-to-find large photos online seem to be of pornography and desktop wallpapers.
I wish I could find zoom-ins of pro puppets, famous or not, or at least big size portraits of them.

Don't get me wrong, I thinkthe Internet is a wonderful plasce to learn, and i did learn a lot from what I found or was refered to. But I am sure we can do more, and do it better.

For now, I contribute by asking questions, posting pictures, making tests and reporting my findings, or those solutions from others that worked for me.
I am soon updating my puppetmaking blog, and shall continue to do so.

Let's keep in touch. Let's share more.

Mathieu René Créaturiste
Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
(514) 274-8027
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