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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:36:56 EDT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Example re: Prague

The Festival organizers in 2005 put all the puppeteers in a 
non-airconditioned hotel at the end of the subway/train line about 45 minutes from old town 
Prague.   It was hot and somewhat dismal.   They told me they wanted us to be 
"together" as puppeteers.   They also told me there were no hotel rooms available 
in Prague, 

So we got on the phone, called the Ramada and Renaissance and were given a 
room that very day.   The Renaissance is a couple of blocks from the center of 
Old Downtown Prague.   Included was free breakfast and free dinnertime snacks 
(which could have easily been a light dinner.) It was easily a four to five 
star hotel, a few minutes   walk from "Cats in Prague" and Laterna Magica.   It 
was nice to drop into the hotel in the middle of the day to refresh.   And it 
was not all that expensive...maybe $140 per day for two.   (I attended the 
UNIMA Festival in Prague in 1969, but that's another story.)   We may have used 
freguent flyer points.   Lesson Learned:   Don't take no for an answer, 
investigate the facts yourself.   Politely demand proper treatment and respect.

FWIW, Jim Gamble
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