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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 16:07:12 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Example re: Prague

>robert, i have the feeling he hadn't made the puppets! 
I'm pretty sure he hadn't either.  They were mainly the string puppet type with the metal rod coming out of the heads.
By the way, Prague is home to the famous Spejbl & Hurvinek Theatre (father and son puppet characters).  I went there and was happily welcomed.  My wife and I were given free admission and we were brought backstage for a post performance visit.  The theater was packed with at least 500 kids, and the show was great.
Maybe we should switch to a happy line of discussion.  How about recalling a funny, surprising or embarrassing "on the road" anecdote?
Here's one: back in 1986 when the New York Mets were playing in the "World" Series, I found myself in northern New Hampshire.  It had been arranged that my assistant and I were to stay in the home of an elderly woman who was also an anthropologist.  When we got there she explained that as she spent half the year in Mexico, she didn't bother to heat her house - and she was soon to leave for Mexico.  Well, it was terribly cold that night, so cold that we had to sleep, not only in our clothes, but with our coats on as well.
She did wheel an old black & white TV out of a closet so that we could watch the Mets in action, but we weren't allowed to make any noise.  It was a particularly exciting game, but all we could do was whisper...and shiver! 
Robert Rogers

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