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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 00:42:21 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] The Secret of Making Marionettes (Popular Mechanics

Thanks for posting this article.
This came out right after Rufus and Margo Rose's success at the 1933 Chicago 
World's Fair. They were hired by Tony Sarg to operate the 'A&P Carnival' 
sponsored by the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company,' which became the A&P 
super markets we know today.
While the show was ostensibly Tony's production, it really became the Rose's 
show, since Tony was swamped with other work at the fair.

The Roses had worked for Sarg in the late '20s and then went off on their own 
to form 'The Rufus Rose Marionettes.'   Tony called them to work on the fair 
show at a time when their own bookings were in doubt.

Bil Baird also worked on a few of the marionettes used in the fair show.
Great memories.

Fred T. 

> I thought some of you here who are interested in marionettes might be
> interested in this...a 1934 Popular Mechanics article entitled "The
> Secret of Making Marionettes" -
> Enjoy!

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