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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 19:23:33 EDT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Steinways and Strings

   This has been lots of Great Grandmother was also an accomplished 
pianist, which was the reason my Mother sat me down with piano lessons at 5 
years of age....on My Great Grandmother's upright Steinway piano.   My two kids 
learned on our own Model O Steinway grand, now over a hundred years old, and 
delivering that "Steinway Roar" (in the lower register) making it an unusually 
great piano. 

   While in high school, I trashed another upright piano, turning it into a 
rag-time piano, but later found it in the city dump, from which I rescued the 
strings for some early puppet use.   The important thing to remember is early 
musical education makes for a lifetime of music appreciation, whether one plays 
poorly or just loves to listen.   I'm with Greg on this one...His mother was 
very proud of our (Greg and Jim) live puppet performance of "Carnival of the 
Animlas" with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.     Jim Gamble

In a message dated 6/6/06 2:54:45 PM, writes:

> Well, you certainly do go from 0 to Snotty pretty
> fast!
> --- Kismet <> wrote:
> >=A0 ........And I don't think there is any note on a
> > piano that would require
> > 1/4" solid steel "wire". I will check on my Mommy's
> > Steinway when I see her
> > next......
> Nice edit of my post!
> > I didnt think we were referring to 1/4" solid steel
> > wire, just piano/music/
> > high tensile steel wire
> Well, I was, and here in the US, you can get that. It
> is called music wire, and it comes in gauges up to
> 1/4".
> and on Mommy's
> > Steinway...assuming its a real
> > Steinway of should find AT LEAST 144
> > lengths of solid steel
> > "wire"....if its a fake it will only have about
> > 100...
> Gosh, what a great dig based on no evidence!
> Of course if IT IS A
> > steinway and Mommy isnt a trained piano concertist
> Hmm, I could tell you about my Mother and her career.
> By the way, the title is Concert Pianist, but let's
> keep my Mother out of this.
> > you have just found a
> > source for 24 lengths of piano wire...only the piano
> > tuner will notice the
> > missing harmonics....
> Great idea! rip apart a piano for the wire, and
> replace it with something cheaper! That is so worth
> the time and effort! You are a Genious!
> ( A Steinway has four strings
> > to the note in the upper
> > register, most others have three)
> Hey look everyone! isn't he smart?
> > But why are we stressing about High tensile wire? A
> > piece of copper wire is
> > going to outlast a nylon/dacron/silicon fillament!
> > and be a lot gentler on
> > it as well!
> We weren't stressing it, I was just explaining a
> technique that was used. The music wire made a very
> strong, small attachment place for strings that are
> being changed frequently. But then maybe you didn't
> read the other posts. But since you are SO Smart, why
> don't you go and harden some files in motor oil!
> Greg

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