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Sorry, I left out the "t" in driftline. Sometimes it is my fault, but my keyboard misbehaves a lot, too.

My msntv system is a bit goofed up today too. So this MAY have gotten sent twice. 

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Subject: Pulling a few strings

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Pulling a few strings 

Alan Cook has a mind-boggling archive collected from around the world. Does anyone have an empty museum to spare?

By Scott Martelle
Times Staff Writer

Jul 17 2006

The faces of global puppetry are tucked away in an old church hall off an alley in north Pasadena. There's Punch and Judy, of course, but also rough-hewn wooden heads from Mali, finely detailed porcelain marionettes from China, a cartoonish La Cucaracha from Mexico and a pretty credible Phyllis Diller. 

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