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> Another reason why we can't seem to get hat success we deserve: how can we 
> improve our product and improve our visibility if we can barely make end 
> meet with our current resources?

Suggest you read from
It is the letters of van Gogh. It may give you a different perspective. I 
read on and on, and find that van Gogh seems to almost never have complained. 

I do not feel that grousing about mediocre arts education in schools is 
productive. My public school had art classes -- dreadful painting classes, but 
painting classes nonetheless. Band. But I did not take band. Theater. But I never 
got a part. I did/could not take art classes because I sensed I could not 
learn there. In college, when I did take a painting class, it was the same. I 
could not learn from the teacher. One can learn-- and van Gogh demonstrates this 
particularly-- by doing, and by seeing all the other works of art one can in 
libraries and museums. 
I have to think my best art lessons came from my sister, who would tell me 
what assignments she had in art class. (She was able to learn from art class). 
Then I would do the same assignments during English class or biology or later 
in psychological statistics; whatever. Sometimes for years at a time. When I 
wanted to learn to carve, I asked my father to teach me. He refused. Probably 
his arthritis was such that he couldn't by then. But I just had to learn, so I 
did. By doing it. If the day ever came that I was inclined to complain that my 
work did not make enough money or receive sufficient attention, I would think 
on van Gogh.  

My ten cents,
Hobgoblin Hill Puppets
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