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The brand Liquitex is unfamiliar to me but there is no chance it uses a 
latex based media is there? that would stop it sticking.
I nearly always use tube paint myself, (except for big runs or...then I 
spray paint with auto acrylics and enamels) usually Attellier or Jo Sonja or 
even Chromacryl but I seldom dilute with water, usually GP thinners, I do 
give a wash in warm soapy water and then rinse and it is usually rocket science there, I use etch primer on fibreglass which is 
bloody difficult to paint and  I will occasionally use an automative spray 
putty or my own spray bog (I wont tell you my secret recipe, the safety 
people would have a fit)...sandpaper and elbow grease are better for fixing 
rough application though.....a bit of careful application is even better.... 
But thats it! Ill send you a pic off list of Punk who has come in for a body 
mod/costume rearrangement.......dont forget its traditional for Punch to be 
dropped onto a cushion during quick character changes.....dropped?  on a 
cushion? HA! apart from a very mild graze on the chin and nose there is NO 
sign of the paint losing its grip at all.....note the fungal bloom 
though...been north obviously (tropics).


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Like Daniel, I have not had any problems with acrylic paint sticking to
the Apoxy Sculpt. I always do vigorous scratch tests to verify how well
it is holding. Here's a couple thoughts based on what I've run

1. I don't use any primers. Haven't needed to. As Mathieu noted, often
times the acrylic paint won't stick to the primer anyway, which is just
as bad as the paint not sticking to the casting. The end result is that
the primer sticks nicely, but the paint still peels off easily! Some
primers can work, but I have found few that really do.

2. Have you cleaned off all the mold release (if any) adequately?  Also
washing the castings might be helpful. Epoxies can exude amine blush (not
positive if Apoxie Sculpt does this. Not all epoxies exude the blush)
which needs to be washed off or you will have painting problems.

3. Have you tried sanding the castings to give them some tooth?  I have
found that with many resin type materials, this to be one of the MOST
IMPORTANT STEPS! I have seen a difference of night and day as far as
acrylic paint sticking, according to whether the casting had been sanded
properly or not. I use 100 grit sandpaper. It REALLY does make a

4. The kind of acrylic paint can make a big difference. I have found the
inexpensive bottles of acrylics (not the artist acrylics in tubes) to
adhere better. I had a colleague call me with his paint peeling on some
resin castings. At first I couldn't figure out why he was having a
problem, as he was following all the above steps and using acrylic paint
same as me. Finally, it came out that he was using artists acrylic paints
(in the tubes) and was thinning with water. His paint job peeled like
nobody's business!  He switched over to what I was using and had no more
problems. I'm hoping it's something simple like that, that is causing
your paint bonding problems.

We make and sell resin (urethane) casts for people to finish themselves,
and know from experience that paint sticking to resin castings is totally
dependent on following a few simple steps (as outlined above), otherwise
they will have problems. Resin is a different animal when it comes to
painting for the most part, especially if you are used to other materials
for puppets that paint sticks to so easily. When our customers patch or
modify our castings, most use (you guessed it) Apoxy Sculpt to do that.
Some times they use a LOT of Apoxie Sculpt and are able to paint the
castings just fine. We have many success stories on that............

Maybe one of the steps above will be helpful. And if one of those does
solve it for you, it won't cost much! <G> For us here, it has worked very
well. The paint sticks VERY well and can take quite a bit of abuse.


Mike Brose

Have you cleaned the castings well?  Any kind of residual mold release
can cause problems of course.
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<> writes:
> Hi Daniel, I had not enough money to buy all the automotive primers,
> and those you mentionned were not on the many primers I had a chance to

> try.
> There was one Etch-type primer at the aito parts store which they
> let me try, but it didn't work either. Actually, it was no better thana

> cryloic gesso. Scratched right off.
> But mentionning that you made Punch and Judy puppets with such a
> product and painted them tells me that a strong paint job can be
achieved on
> this difficult product !
> Can you tell mne which brands and specific products you are using on
> your Apoxie Sculpt, including cleaners, primers, and sealers? Can you
> send that info to Aves as well, since they could then reccomend it to
> customers?
> Thanks!
> Mathieu René Créaturiste
> Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
> Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
> (514) 274-8027
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