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Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 06:23:12 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] festival reviews?

There will also be a festival in Orlando, Florida, the
first weekend in November.

But can someone, or some people, do reviews for the
festivals just passed, like Alan Cook has done?  Are
there reviews online? 


--- Sandy Barton <> wrote:

> It's the first weekend in November.  I have to miss
> it because I'm going 
> on a cruise.  <sigh>.   I'm surprised that I had
> trouble finding any 
> current info on it online, though.  Somebody will
> have all the details.
> Sandy
> wrote:
> >There will be another festival at Pokagon State
> Park in Angola in early 
> >November.  Any guild president from Ohio,  Mich. ,
> Ill, and Wis should know the 
> >dates.  I should know them, but can't remember off
> hand.(Someday you may get old 
> >and forgetful)  I have attended it for many years. 
> It is authorized by P. of 
> >A. but is held every year as it has for many - many
> years.  Since I'm an 
> >old-timer (P of A membership #442) this festival
> reminds me of the early National 
> >festivals- lots of friendly folks and you get to
> know some of the really great 
> >P of A members. I don't know where you are from,
> but this is a well run fun 
> >festival.  Also very inexpensive since it is at the
> in at a state park.  
> >Everything goes on in the one building.  I hope to
> see you there.  Fred Cowan
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