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Hi all. I just modified page one of the tutorial to make it even clearer 
that the head pivots.

Again, many people will have to try it before it makes sense. It sure was 
the case for me and my student.
Trust the Puppet force!


Mathieu René Créaturiste
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> Mathieu,
> Mind if I play with this a little bit?  I like that it is
> a fast build, but would want the Head to be able to
> turn, and unless I'm missing something, this design
> does not give that ability.  Am I correct? or did I
> miss something in the sheets?
> Also, it is unclear, did you teach the program at the
> University, or was it another Puppeteer?
> Great of you to share. One of the things I have always
> loved about the puppetry community, almost everyone
> looks to make the art form better through sharing
> instead of hording secrets.
> Best,
> Liz
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