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>Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 11:28:09 -0500
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The Green Guy in the above photo, I think was our entertaining MC at Puppet 
Love in 2002-4 (uh, those were the years I was there, but he was probably 
there every year) in SanFrancisco.
in '03 I saw a most brilliant humanette! She performed a hilarious ballet 
routine. the puppet was a two person puppet. For myself and my immediate 
circle, it took a surprising amount of time to figure out who was doing  
hands and who was doing feet. Unfortunately I can't remember the puppeteers 
names. Ruby would know.

Teatro Tinglado used a couple captivating humanettes- one of which, the 
bearded lady, got a lot of press at the time I saw the show:

Phillipe Genty did something with babies with all different types of peoples 
heads living in an apartment building, each having a window. I remember it 
as a great image, but it was a very brief clip which may not have even had a 
name which I saw a long time chance of seeing it now I think.

George Latshaw's book "The Complete Book of Puppetry" mentions humanettes - 
a brief description of their structure.

I was happy to have more info on humanettes, those cute little buggers,
thank you all,

Signal Light Theatre

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