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Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 11:33:13 -0500
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Cincinnati-based paid puppetry gig

Cincinnati Area Chapter seeks

Dynamic Puppeteer Duo to present

Tornado Safety Show

Spring 2007 Tour

Puppeteering AND educating =96 all rolled into one great job!

The Show:
What will the toys do when the tornado siren sounds? Perry the Penguin, 
Bobo the Clown and Belinda the Dolly are playing in their toy box home 
when they hear a scary sound. As little kids might do, they decide to 
hide from the noise, until their housekeeper helps them understand what 
a tornado siren means, what a tornado is, and what they need to do to be 

=93Wind Around the Toy Box=94 was created for the American Red Cross by late 
puppetmaster Jerry Handorf, following the tornado that hit greater 
Cincinnati in April of 1999. Since its premiere in 2000, the show has 
delighted more than 20,000 school children from throughout our nine 
county service area. While created primarily to convey three fundamental 
tornado safety messages, the show was crafted with an infusion of fun - 
in true Handorfian style!

The Gig:
As a puppeteer presenter for the American Red Cross, here=92s what you get 
to do:


      Determine your availability for performance dates (from mid-March
      through early June) so that the booking agent can complete tour plans.


      Beginning in February, work with your puppeteer partner to
      memorize and rehearse the script until it is performance-ready
      (about six hours). You will learn either Part A (the Housekeeper
      and Perry) or Part B (Belinda and Bobo).


      Beginning around the middle of March, load the set into a Red
      Cross vehicle or your own personal vehicle (we will negotiate
      which option will work best), and go-go-go! Conduct school visits,
      which include setting up the set, performing the show, conducting
      a brief =93talk-back=94 with students following the puppet
      presentation, and loading back into the van.


      Submit paperwork documenting each school visit activity, including
      the number of children who saw each program.


      The tour concludes in late May or early June, depending on demand
      and team availability. Our goal is to break the tour record of
      6003 students reached with tornado safety messages in one tour

The Compensation:


      Hourly rate of $20.


      Mileage compensation for miles driven on Red Cross business.


      Red Cross attire to wear to performances.


      Knowing that you are bringing important safety messages to
      children in a way that makes them memorable =96 that=92s edutainment!

For more information:
Contact Diana McVey Wood at: 513.792.4036 or

Aretta Baumgartner
puppeteer, actor, mask performer, educator

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