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Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 14:10:23 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] masterful puppeteers

On Dec 15, 2006, at 11:49 AM, Jim M wrote:

> This is a TERRIBLE idea for a thread. Any such list in the past has 
> only created much unhappiness  and unpleasantness for those not 
> included. In addition, who is really capable of making the decision of 
> who is a masterful puppeteer. What is masterful to one person is not 
> to another.
> The idea for this to be a continuing list or debate should immediately 
> be dropped.

Okay, relax, take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, 
hold it, slow release. There. Are we calm and centered now? Good.

   What the hell is this clap trap about silencing a thread that you 
don't agree with? THIS thread ought to silenced and not continued. In 
fact it should be excised from the archives.

   Hopefully it was obvious that I was kidding.

  Alright, now that I have pulled my tongue from me cheek, let me just 
say "Hey Jim, chill man." Your point of what is masterful to one person 
is not to another was a part of the original idea of the thread. To 
summate it was "Critters, please express YOUR OPINION of who YOU think 
are the must see puppeteers of today and why." Emphasis is mine, but I 
believe it is on target. It is not a Master list that all must agree 
on. It is a bunch of individual lists of personal opinions. So what if 
someone isn't on the list. My bet is that I, personally, wouldn't make 
more than a few people's list, if that. Does that mean I am not a good 
puppeteer? To some, perhaps. But I also know that most of my audiences 
love my shows and I get invited back to perform at most places that I 
perform. If I pick apart any one of my shows and look solely at the 
puppetry I would be the first to admit it isn't masterful. But the 
overall presentation and performance is pretty dang good, if not 
bordering on masterful, IMHO.  I would be flattered and honored to be 
included on someone's personal list of greats to see before they die, 
as I would to be recognized with any other award, I don't do shows just 
because I want to win awards or be included on a list of greats. That 
is what that kind of list is, a sort of an individual's personal Oscar 
list, (or in our case I guess it would be UNIMA Citation list) a YOUR 
picks list. Does getting an Oscar (or UNI) make someone the best there 
is, or even a better performer than before they got the award? No. It 
just says a lot of people recognized and acknowledged someone's good 
  Each person, including you, is entitled to their opinion and were 
invited to express it here. We now know you don't like such lists. I 
don't particularly either, but I can learn many things from them. I 
learn what people like both individually and collectively. I may learn 
that there is someone out there whom I should keep an eye out for to 
see their show. I might learn that there are some I should avoid if I 
don't want to see a particular type of show. I could learn not to pay 
attention to or be bothered by such lists. Right now I've just learned 
that I have rambled enough.

Hope your holidays are happy.

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